At our aunts place

Hi gals!
Just like always I have been working, but I have been doing especially much this weekend!
But on Saturday I worked for 10 1/2 hour!!! and that was not all I then had to help with loading a truck full of boxes and furniture, since our grandma is moving in with us><
So I slept little that night and went straight to bed after work on Sunday, and on Monday me and Lea where cleaning her apartment....

So I have not been doing ANYTHING recently...but yesterday we had our FIRST day off in a MONTH!!! and we where this - close to having to work!!!
Since our coworker cached a flu(get over it flu is not big in Iceland! :s)
We where really bummed about it!!
But since there was another girl working we just let her handle it alone, since 52 guest are no problem for one person!

Although nothing can compete with our excitement for next weeks Friday since we will FINALLY go home then!!!

We will meet our friends, our cat Yano and our NEW cat Ume!!<3
But we have not met her yet:'(

What to you all think about her name "Ume"?
Our family thinks that it is kind of weird to say, but me and Lea find it so CUTE :3
But we where really WORRIED at first since Yano was sulking so much, he was hiding under the couch and hissing at our mom all the time:s

But it seems he is taking things better now and he has finally started letting out mom pet him, and he sleeps in her bedroom><

Our friend then came over and visited her!><
YAY!!!! they are finally getting together!!<3

Our mother has been SPAMMING us with pics of Ume and Yano on our cellphone><

Well that is all for now!


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