Funny? things that happen when you wear identical clothes....

You all probably do not know this, but here in Iceland nearly EVERYONE wear the same fashion....
Nothing wrong with that, except if comes down on people that like to wear different types of clothes, for example us(Although we are quite different since we always wear identical clothes....)
But it differs from where you live, for example in Keflavik, almost EVERYONE is a BRAND FREAK!!
I am not kidding!

When my grandmother lived in a town next to Keflavik she was sick so she did not have time to put on makeup, so like most gyaru's do(could not missed saying thatxD) she put on her sunglasses.
In the shop she then met another woman that she knew(not from Keflavik), also wearing sunglasses, they got together and whispered to each other" are you also not wearing any makeup?"

She also told us about a woman that she worked with that had a daughter around 12 years of age, but for some reason the kids in her class suddenly stopped inviting her over for b-day parties, or whatever was going on.
What was the problem?!
As simple as that! It was not that they did not have any money, or there was something wrong with her clothes, just that one simple fact.

That was around 20 years ago and it still is like that today, believe me, everyone talks about it....
But still I do not understand how people can act like that.

And believe me, me and Lea have had our share of what people in Keflavik think you should wear, and what not.

Here are some stories:

Do you know those baggy colorful pants that came strongly in in Japan last year, not gyaru but kind of punkish?
We had those, and they are so comfy, and of course we wear them! So we where wearing them and a, well I would say, normal t-shirt and a pricilla wig, really curly and fluffy^^
SO we needed a new thighs so we went to a local pharmacy.
We came in and all eyes where on us... and the question came: "Are you in some kind of a play?"!?
No we said and continued looking at thighs, and found only one white in our size, went to them and asked for another one and we got another one....
....or so we thought...we got a beige one....they day after or something our mother went to return them, without the receipt(This is a small place and it is usually OK if you meet the person that helped you last time), since she did not find it.
But no...they where rude!
Even though it had been their mistake, and they had stared enough at us!
Our mother got crazy and told them to stick it up in their a** and left!

Some days later and a complaint our mother got a phone call from the pharmacy from one of the women "apologizing" without really meaning it, saying "We just have to learn how to treat people that are DIFFERENT".
DIFFERENT!? In what sense? That we are retarded, disabled or something like that(I have nothing against disabled people)?!
Then when our mother went to get the credit note, they hid behind!
Chickens I would say.....

That wasn't even the first time we had been asked if we where in any sort of a play....but who would go out dressed in their stage clothes?

We have always had a baby face when we do not have makeup on, and we are not tall, around 160cm, and we are used to people not believe how old we really are or thinking that we are REALLY young, but sometimes it is just too much....
Then around the time that kids where getting their Confirmation, we went to a pet shop, wearing fur west, pink(not hot pink or anything) leopard cardigan and a white skirt.
And believe me this is not something a 14 year old girl trying to fit in would ever think of wearing.
So we where there, just innocently admiring the pet rats...yes rats....
When some woman asks us*insert baby tone*"Did you just come out of your Confirmation photo shoot?"*baby tone end*.
I do not really remember what we did said a simple no or ignored her, but our mom got pissed off saying that we where 20 years old....

But that had happened before when we where graduating from High School a woman(Lot shorter than us) at the bakery asked us, when we where buying bread for our graduation party, "is it for your Confirmation party?"

And before we told the people at our work our age they thought we where 18....well that one was not so badxD

But about our baby face, when we did not wear makeup or think about fashion, we loved(and still love) video games, at one time when we where 15 we went to BT(Game store) and where buying a game not allowed for younger that 12 years old...
I think you guessed right...we where asked for our ID's meaning he though we where 11 years or younger...

But I think things will change a bit now that we do gyaru make><

Or what do you think, are we still baby faces?


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