A day at the park

HI! ><

This summer we have had few days that have good weather, but on last Thursday we had such a GREAT weather!!!
So when we came home from work we dolled ourselves up and went to the park!
But before we went out we camwhored a bit!><
Oh! And I was also wearing fake bangs and ponytail from Prisilla!^^

Outfit picture^^
Tank top: Cecil Mc'Bee
Top: Vence
Skirt: D.I.A
Then we arrived at the park, we had SOO much bread!
We got some old bread from the hotel where we work at, and we didn't even finish it! Gave some of it to the kids that where also feeding the ducks, and they where also giving plenty of attention to our dog, Nero, making him VERY happy^^

Surprisingly enough, since we had so much bread, there where really few seagulls o.0
They usually flock around when there is bread...
Nero with his new friends^^

Kids feeding the ducks.

Nero is allergic to so MANY things, and now he was begging for some bread...
I was really tempted to give into him....But that would not have been good for him...
The first duckling that we saw this summer!
We then saw three others><
They where all so cute^^

I do not know much about ducks, but this one must be VERY old....
Or loosing his baby feathers?
I do not know... xD

The duckling and his mother.

Some more camwhoring, did a lot of that that day xD
There are two streets here in the town that we live(in the moment) that we want to have a house on!
One street near where our grandmother lives where you have a clear view of the ocean and the sun shines so brightly there!
(That is when we have any....)
And the other one is by the river that runs trough the park!
It is one of he most beautiful places that I know of!

A tree in the park with very pretty flowers^^

haha, waiting for me to set the timer...

3..2..1...and POSE><

Tree climbing time!
I have never been good at climbing things...so I did not go to far up...
and neither did Lea....
How CAN people say that we look alike!? xD
In our eyes we look so different yet somehow people are always confusing us together :S

Nope, nothing alike....

Oh! I love this pic of myself!
Never had a good one like that><
(Tried but failed...)

Ooo! My cheecks do not look red!
We both have rose red cheeks....not fun at all...

With Nero<3


I was talking to my mother on the phone and while I was doing that I was picking some grass from the ground, when I looked down in my hands and I was holding a four leaf clover!!!
I was so HAPPY!!! ><
Then we made our first vlog and walked home^^



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